Our Careers.

Our Careers.

ROK believes in building relationships with our clients, employees, supply chain partners, and those that come into contact with our operations and work activities. We have a set of home values we adhere to at all times: Trust, Respect and Honesty.

For more information on the roles below or if you wish to apply, please send your CV to info@roklimited.je.

Project Manager

Construction Project Managers hold the blueprints on a building site or construction. They are responsible for overseeing construction project from the beginning to the end.

We offer excellent remuneration packages and training opportunities.

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors are responsible for managing all aspects of the contractual and financial side of construction projects.

Quantity surveyors manage the costs on a construction project. They help to ensure that the construction project is completed within its projected budget (alternative job titles for a quantity surveyor include ‘cost consultant’, ‘cost manager’ and ‘cost engineer’).

We offer excellent remuneration packages and training opportunities.

Site Manager

Site managers are responsible for ensuring that a construction project is completed on time and within budget (alternative job titles for site managers include construction manager and site agent). More senior construction managers will take responsibility for an entire project and may be known as the project manager or project director. More junior site managers may take responsibility for only a part of a project (also known as a package).

We offer excellent remuneration packages and training opportunities.


Construction engineers operate as part engineering expert, part project manager, and part site manager. They creatively serve as a leader and middleman on construction projects to make sure everything about the project is safe, smooth, and structurally sound.
Construction engineers need strong analytical and leadership skills so they can solve technical engineering challenges.

We offer excellent remuneration packages and training opportunities.

Health and Safety Advisor

Our Health and Safety Advisors provide comprehensive health and safety advice and guidance to predominantly site-based ROK Construct personnel with some Head Office duties. You will be working to reduce health and safety risks in the workplace and provide best practice advice to manage processes whilst acting as a key advisor on construction health and safety risk management.

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    • Testimonials

      "The Police HQ was a highly technical building to construct.

      Access from the outset was challenging since the formation level was some 5m down and adjacent to the busy main road. This also meant that deliveries and cranage needed to be well organised.

      The reinforced concrete frame was not a standard one and included some large complex pours and reinforcement patterns.

      ROK-Regal deployed a really good formwork system for the slab soffit which was quick and safe to erect. This saved a lot of time.

      The building was delivered as planned and slightly early at that. This reflects ROK-Regal's detailed programming and whole team effort."

      Mr Richard Cheal

      Jersey Property Holdings

    • Testimonials

      ROK-Regal were selected as preferred contractor and a pre contract services agreement (PCSA) was signed. ROK-Regal played a crucial role for the Jersey College for Girls redevelopment as part of the design team during the pre contract period. ROK-Regal also engaged very positively in a value engineering process that generated significant benefits in terms of budget and buildability. As with any construction project there were issues but the way that they were resolved was what was consistently positive.

      John Allo