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At Rok, we believe in building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, who trust us for our proven ability to manage both people and projects. Our focus on partnership and collaboration is the the key to our strong client base and repeat business. 

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Jersey Bulls Sponsorship

We are very proud to sponsor two of the first-team players of Jersey Bulls FC for the 22/23 season. Defender Jay Giles and Midfield player, Jonny Le Quesne are part of the ROK team and regularly get

Blue Monday blues

The third Monday in January has been titled "Blue Monday" as it has been recognised as the most depressing day of the year. We decided that a little bit of a sugar rush may help.

Rok Projects

  • Testimonials

    "The Police HQ was a highly technical building to construct.

    Access from the outset was challenging since the formation level was some 5m down and adjacent to the busy main road. This also meant that deliveries and cranage needed to be well organised.

    The reinforced concrete frame was not a standard one and included some large complex pours and reinforcement patterns.

    ROK-Regal deployed a really good formwork system for the slab soffit which was quick and safe to erect. This saved a lot of time.

    The building was delivered as planned and slightly early at that. This reflects ROK-Regal's detailed programming and whole team effort."

    Mr Richard Cheal

    Jersey Property Holdings

  • Testimonials

    ROK-Regal were selected as preferred contractor and a pre contract services agreement (PCSA) was signed. ROK-Regal played a crucial role for the Jersey College for Girls redevelopment as part of the design team during the pre contract period. ROK-Regal also engaged very positively in a value engineering process that generated significant benefits in terms of budget and buildability. As with any construction project there were issues but the way that they were resolved was what was consistently positive.

    John Allo