Student Sam returns for second work placement

During the week of 8-12 August 2022, local student Sam joined RokFCC's Our Hospital Project (OHP) for his second round of work experience with the team. 

After changing from his previous course in astrophysics at the University of York to a local course in creative digital media production at Highlands College, Sam came back to learn a new set of skills in an environment with which he was already familiar and comfortable. 

Sam reflects on his week with us: 

"This work experience came about when I was looking for work to fill out my summer holidays and I remembered that my previous experience with OHP was of great help to me, so I got in touch with them. After a couple of video calls, we ironed out a solid plan that took the recent developments in my life and the change in my course into account. 

My primary goals were to improve my ability to maintain my concentration on a given task and assess my capability to work efficiently with my ADHD. This involved making a note of what helped me, such as taking regular mental breaks and switching topics periodically to maintain focus. I improved my confidence as I found techniques to improve my ability to work in an office. A secondary aim of mine was to better manage my time, which I think I mostly achieved by using reminders and sticking to a schedule each day.

I performed a few tasks for OHP, with a particular focus on communications and digital media. I compiled social media posts from the past year that demonstrated the OHP’s dedication to delivering its social value commitments to the Island. These posts largely involved OHP Legacy Director, Richard De Gruchy and OHP Communications Director, Yenni Kusumo’s participation in the Design, Engineering, Construction! (DEC!) course at Hautlieu School. Richard and Yenni were key touch points in throughout my work experience planning and week. 

In addition to social media, I also learned to generate and publish content on the OHP website. 

I was also given the opportunity to sit down with and learn from members of the OHP team about their careers and how they apply their skills to the project. I mainly learned from the communications and BIM (building information model) teams, but I also spoke to mechanical and electrical engineers; planners; and quantity surveyors. Some of the highlights of the week were the visits to two Rok sites, including the former Les Quennevais school site and the International Finance Centre 6. I shadowed my supervisor as we were given a tour of the site and walked through the builders’ plans. It was a nice change of pace from the office routine.

During this second session of work experience with OHP, I learned some key things about myself; it is possible for me to work well in an office environment and that communication is essential for effective teamwork and ensuring that my work is delivered and received as intended.

Overall, I had a great experience and was able to learn a lot about myself during my time with the OHP team. I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone with an interest in construction, planning, or even project management to come for a work placement week or two and take every opportunity to learn as much as they can from each team member."

Student Sam returns for second work placement
Student Sam returns for second work placement
Student Sam returns for second work placement