Amy joins RokFCC JV for work experience

Meet Amy. She's a senior student at Hautlieu and is now considering a career as a quantity surveyor. 

Amy first met the Our Hospital Project (OHP) team during one of the classroom 'industry intervention' sessions, as part of the Design Engineer Construct! (DEC) course. As the Industry Adopter of DEC at Hautlieu, OHP have co-delivered the curriculum in one-hour weekly sessions to complement the student's coursework with industry know-how from professionals working in the field. 

Earlier this year, we invited the DEC! teacher, Simon Forestiero and two students of his choice to join the OHP table at the Chamber of Commerce networking lunch. At the event, the Minister responsible for the OHP presented an update to the Island's business community - Amy was one of our guest students and was able to see the political and economic aspects of construction. 

OHP were delighted to receive Amy's requested for a week's work placement this summer. During her week with us, she spent time with many different people serving the project in the areas of construction management, building information management quality assurance, mechanical electrical and plumbing engineering, health and safety; communications and Amy's special area of interest - procurement. 

Amy recalls: "Procurement Manager, Andy Petrie, spent time with me, explaining the different procurement documents such as the Procurement Strategy,  Invitation to tender, Certificate of Readiness and Tender Report, which must be completed to professionally and methodically acquire the services, for example, a survey company. The documents are also used to record the responses, help make comparisons on which offers are most suitable and the outcome of their offers."

We asked Amy if she would recommend OHP for work experience to others. Amy gave us a big a thumbs-up: "I would definitely recommend others to participate with similar initiatives with OHP because I had a really positive, enjoyable week; and everyone that I was able to spend time with was so friendly and considerate. To encourage others to spend time on work experience with the OHP team, I would say that you get to spend the time you need, learning from industry professionals who are really passionate about the job that they do - which is so inspiring to hear. I would also reiterate how thoughtful and generous everyone at OHP is, they make you feel really comfortable within the office and they support you throughout your time with them, which is something that I am very grateful for."

At the end of her placement, the OHP team were delighted to hear Amy express her interest in becoming an OHP Apprentice at the end of her A Level studies. 

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RokFCC JV is the design and delivery partner of Our Hospital Project.

Amy joins RokFCC JV for work experience
Amy joins RokFCC JV for work experience
Amy joins RokFCC JV for work experience
Amy joins RokFCC JV for work experience